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Affiliate marketing involves promoting the sale of other peoples products online for a high commission. To market a given product online, you have to set up a web page and use various strategies to drive traffic to your page. Generating traffic to a web page is usually the biggest concern for most affiliate marketers.

If you are an affiliate marketer and promoting the products of a merchant using the internet, you will need to generate the targeted audience to realize success. The following proven mediums can help any marketer to drive quality traffic to his/her affiliate marketing web page and generate more income.

Ways to drive traffic to your affiliate page

Email campaigns
When email campaigns are used well, they can effectively direct potential customers to your affiliate marketing page. To achieve this, you have to provide very relevant and valuable information in your emails and provide a link to your site at the end of your email. To ensure the reader of your mail ends up in your site, you have can provide a certain proportion of the information in the email and them refer them to your affiliate site for the rest. You can as well do this by giving all the information in your email message and then inviting the readers to view similar write-ups in your affiliate page. A linked email signature can also help in generating traffic to your site.

A blog can help you bet in touch with potential customers and members. Blogs can be effective in generating high traffic to your site because they are more personal and use a lighter tone as compared to most affiliate marketing sites. Many people get their information, news, tips and advice on different products from blogs, and they can work well for your site if utilized well. You should ensure that you provide a link from your blog to your affiliate page.

Well written and informative “how-to” articles are effective in generating traffic for affiliate marketing pages. These articles should also have links to similar content that can only be read from your affiliate page. Additional links to your page should be provided on your signature as well.

Newsletters and e-zines
Once you know your targeted traffic, you should provide them with information about the subjects of interest because most people are always curious to know more about what they have interest in. you can effectively do this by offering e-newsletter and e-zine subscriptions, while ensuring that the content has links to your site.

Discussion forums and boards
You can look for forums and boards that have your target audience and leave well-though and useful comments in the discussions. You should also include a signature that links to your affiliate page and then encourage other people in the discussion to react to your comment. This is usually a good platform that can help you build a good relationship with potential traffic.

Generating traffic to an affiliate page is done just like any other page. The above strategies are very effective but you can also explore additional ways, like guest blogging, freebies, accepting links, SEO, PPC, and many others.


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