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Posted by on Wednesday January 1, 2014 at 14:47:10:

One of the ways I mentioned one can make money is by participating in affiliate programs.

Konga is an online shopping website, a place where Nigerians can buy things on the web and get a home delivery. They work a bit like Amazon and are into the business of selling a lot of stuff such as clothing, electronics and household items. Konga has been making money from selling products that people need and now they are also offering you an opportunity to also participate in their selling business and this is where their affiliate program comes to play.

Konga's affiliate program, like others, allows you to earn a commission for sales you promote and the commission rate can be as high as 9%.

How does the affiliate program work?
Well, it works like this: Let's say you are signed up as a member of Konga's affiliate, you will be given an affiliate link which you will be able to promote by posting them on websites where people normally visit.

There is a growing number of Nigerians who make money from their websites and some of these methods includes selling advertising space, direct sales and affiliate marketing. If you have a website or blog that attracts some good traffic, you can make money with it by registering for Konga's affiliate program and pasting their links on your website.

However, one cool thing about Konga's affliate program is that you don't really need a website to get started a you can simply drive traffic to your affiliate link using other platforms such as search engine advertising, Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, emails and posting on forums. So, even if you are a member of an online forum or has an email with a lot of contacts, you can simply promote Konga and get paid using those platforms.

How to get started
- Go to Konga's affiliate program sign up page
- Click to register
- Confirm your email
- Log into your account and get your affiliate code or banners
- Place the links or banners on websites, forums and emails

Now when people see your interesting link, they are more likely to click on it more especially if they personally knew you and may buy something that would earn you a commission.

How do you really get paid with Konga's affiliate program?
Well, you will have to earn some money first in your account and when you reach the minimum income level, you will be paid by means of the bank account you provided. They normally make payment on the Friday in the second week following the month after the qualifying month.

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    Re: Konga Affiliate program and how you can make money with it Reply by Onyema on Thursday January 9, 2014 at 8:18:16:

    Please sir, how can one create image Ad Banner Display in Konga Affiliate Control Panel.

    Re: Konga Affiliate program and how you can make money with it Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday January 9, 2014 at 8:18:16:

    To create Image banners:
    - Log into your account at http://konga.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/panel.php#Home
    - Click on promotions > Banners and Links
    - Scroll down to choose the banner you want
    - Click on the button that says "Get banner code"
    - Copy the code and paste it on your website.

    It is that easy. There are already many banners that are available in your Konga affiliate account

Re: Konga Affiliate program and how you can make money with it Reply by Raymond Osaji on Monday September 1, 2014 at 18:54:48:

I love this

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