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Posted by on Tuesday January 7, 2014 at 10:43:1:

One of the recent affiiate programs I joined in Nigeria is that which Konga offers. Yes, Konga, an online shopping website in Nigeria is now offering people the ability to make money from referring other people to their websites. When your referrals actually buy things, then you stand to earn a commission which can be as high as 9% on the sales value.

I had signed up with Konga as an Affiliate and chose to promote them using some of my websites and yesterday, I just got an email notifying me of my first sale/lead.

After one signs up as an affiliate with Konga, you will be given an account from which you'll be able to copy your affiliate links and then paste them on your website or social networks that you manage. If your online portal then has a lot of visitors, then you stand to make good money from it when those visitors follow your links to buy something.

For stuffs like electronics, Konga's commission are about 5% and for fashion items, they are like 9%. I earned a 9% commission based on a referral I made to their fashion store and since the item was priced N1000, I was credited with N90 which may be a small amount but at least encouraging.

It goes to show that Konga's affiliate program really works and you can make money by promoting them using your internet presence.

The details included in the notification email I got included data like Total cost, Commission, order id, product id, ip address and the referral url.

So, this means, if the referral was made from Twitter, Facebook or my website, you'd be able to know from the referral url detail in the report.

If you are interested in making money with Konga's affiliate progrm, then Sign up Today for free.


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