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Affiliate marketing is becoming popular in Nigeria and you can keep making money from it for a long time. As a bluehost affiliate in Nigeria, you could be making more money bringing clients to them. Now while others could be paying below $50, bluehost is actually paying as much as $65

One tip I have for those who want to get involved in affiliate marketing is to establish and try to dominate their niche.

One good thing with Bluehost is that they accept residents from most parts of the globe including Nigeria and would reward you well for your efforts.

Here is what being a Bluehost affiliate involves
- Signing up first an an affiliate
- Getting your affiliate links and code
- Promoting the link(s)
- Monitoring your performance using the stats.

Signing up with Bluehost as a web host affiliate
Just go to Bluehost partner page and look for their affiliate sign up program.
When you are ready, Just sign up with NBluehost as an affiliate and read their terms of agreement. Get to understand the rules and policies and know what and what not to do. They may even give you tips on how to better market their products

Getting your affiliate links
Once logged into your account, you should then aim to get your affiliate link. There is normally a link from your home account that points to stuffs like banners or link generators. Go there and choose a code that you like. I normally prefer using banners as well as text links. One tip for using text links is that you can easily embed them into your articles and they load much faster than banners. However banners hav their merits where text links don't - They tend to look more attractive unlike text links and may easily captivate more visitor interest. Once you get your codes, you should use them on your site or marketing channels.

Promoting your affiliate link(s)
There are several ways by which you can promote your affiliate link but you should read the policies and understanf which is allowed or not. One effective way as I mentioned is by making use of your blog or niche article website. You may even set up a website dedicated just to that web hosting niche. You could even choose a domain name called just to help with ranking your site on search engines. You could also make use of free blogs, websites or article directories that allow you to promote your affiliate program. The thing about using web content to promote your link is that the more articles or content that site has, the better its chances of getting more conversions or sales. Another way you can use to promote your affiliate link is by making use of internet advertising such as Google adwords, adbrite, Bidvertiser or direct advertising on websites that are more closely related to your niche. You may even make use of classified listings offline or online to promote the product and you could even hide your real affiliate link by making use of url shorteners from google or other sites.

Monitor your performance
As a Bluehost affiliate, one of the things you should do after doing all you need to do with promoting your stuff is to view your stats. Perhaps, on a weekly or monthly basis, it's wise to view the amount of traffic your link is getting and see why it is so. If it gets high traffic but no conversions, perhaps it is not targeting the right or potential buyers and you may need to switch your audience. If you are getting little hits but effective sales, then it is a success. If you are not getting hits at all, then it is probably not getting noticed at all and may need more publicity.

How does Bluehost pay?
They normally pay by Cheque to your regsitered address. When you reach the minimum payment limit, you would get your funds sent to you.

Other ways to make money with Bluehost
They also offer a reseller program. What reseller simple means is that you sell what they already sold to you. You can buy bulk web hosting from them at a discount and then resell it to your own clients for profit. Most small web hosts normally make use of reseller plans to make big money in web hosting, especially in Nigeria.

What you will need to get started as a Bluehost affiliate in Nigeria
- Your website (Free or paid)
- Affiliate link
- Promoting Bluehost

Sign up as a Bluehost affiliate marketer today

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