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Affiliate marketing is one of the most affordable and easiest ways of making money in Nigeria and a lot of people are already into it even though some may not know they are. It may involve hussling, meeting people, telemarketing, sms, advertisement and so on with the main goal of making sales.

Affiliate marketing has to do with a marketer promoting sales or products or services on behalf of the merchant and then getting a commission for it.

An Affiliate marketer can also be referred to as an official agent of a company or business that gets a commission for every sale he brings. They exist in most sectors like banks, insurance, aviation, gym memberships, retail shops and other businesses.

How people make money from affiliate marketing is by first of all having an understanding or a form of legal agreement with the main provider of the service or goods and then bearing the cost or sacrifices involved in encouraging sales such that he earns an income for every sale made through him.

Let's take an example of an airline booking marketer who promotes the selling of flight tickets for a destination like Lagos to Dubai. He is not directly responsible for offering the flight but he can maybe help in making flight bookings, travel plans and a stress free experience. So he may take about 5 to 10% commission for very ticket he helps sell and if a ticket costs N400,000, he could be getting a commission of N20,000 to N40,0000 based on a 5 to 10% commission. So you see, it not bad business.

Corporate businesses who are seeking to make more sales do have a form of affiliate or marketing program that allows people in general make money by promoting them. There could exist in telecoms, aviation, insurance, autos and general sales.

You can make money as an affiliate marketer if you know how to reach out to people and encourage them to buy. The more contacts you are able to lure into buying, the more money you are likely to make. You can promote products that people buy once in a while or the ones they buy most of the time. Even when you go to places like open markets on Lagos Island or Yaba, there are a lot of people who have no other job other than leading customers to sellers and in the end, they end up with a good commission even though they mostly operate informally.

You can make money from affiliate marketing in two ways as far as I know:

- The Real world
- On the internet

In the real world as I have said, you can make money reaching out to people who already have something to sell, having a gentlemanly agreement with them and then promoting a sale.

On the internet, there are also a lot of affiliate programs people can do to make money and it mostly involves having a lot of people's email address and then sending them mails to promote something. Another popular way of marketing on the internet as an affiliate has to do with placing banners on your website if it is a popular website and then getting commission for every purchase made at the merchant's site.

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