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Posted by on Thursday December 27, 2012 at 9:17:53:

As one involved in a bit of affiliate marketing myself, 3 of my top affiliate promotion channels are Hubpages, YouTube and Niche blogging. Of all the three however, it is actually Youtube that drives the most traffic and sales as at today for me.

YouTube is the most popular free video sharing site in the world and it is one of the most visited sites. It is like an online tv owned by Google and because people are already addicted to watching tv, watching online tv has also easily become popular.

Small and Growing businesses have become familiar with online tv portals like YouTube and know it is a highly effective and yet free platform for getting massive publicity. Even Nigerian politicians now mostly have YouTube channels to connect with the public.

I have some popular videos on my YouTube channel which I initially created for fun and after a while the traffic keeps growing with some having over 100,000 page views. So what I did was to incorporate my Amazon's affiliate links on them and saw that it was converting well over a period of time.

The kind of affiliate links you can include in your YouTube videos should depend on the type of visitors you are currently getting and even YouTube can provide you with stats on that.

How to include affiliate channels on YouTube
YouTube allows you to include links on your YouTube videos by including them in the informational settings.

- Copy your affiliate link
- Go to Google url shortner( and shorten the link
- Sign into Youtube and choose to edit your video
- Go to info and settings > Description
- Add the google shortened link with some attention e.g. Get a Kindle Fire HD: or Download the mp3: http

Now more traffic would be going to your affiliate link and that implies more sales.


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