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Posted by on Monday March 5, 2012 18:9:41:

If you can make it in Nigeria, you surely would be able to make it anywhere else in the world.

Nigerians who are rich today didn't start today but they had a good plan and solid foundation. Nigeria is a country that mostly favours startup businesses and entrepreneurs while keeping those on fixed incomes a little bit above poverty level. You will need to learn how to generate income on your own without relying solely on your salary if you want to survive and succeed in Nigeria.

If you want to make it in Nigeria, here are a couple of things that can help you do so.

Positive thinking: Don't say you can't. Be optimistic in whatever you do. If you are person of faith, everything you do will be progressive and you will always see the light in it.

Enter early: Don't hesitate at taking opportunities when they come. A lot of opportunities pass us by frequently. You need to learn how to grab them and at times grabbing them first may just be the turning point.

Find your national cake: Everyone in Nigeria has a stake in this country. There is always something you are better at doing than anyone else. There is something you are good at. Use it to get your own share of the nation's riches.

Use people power: We have a huge population so you need to know how to harness this population in order to be financially successful. People can help you make money. People are invaluable assets.

Use words carefully: There is power is your word. The way you speak can either win you money or lose it for you. Your words can make you financially richer so speak wisely.

Use money to make more money: If you already have a little money, you can still use it to make more money by investing in profitable and tested businesses. Don't keep money in the bank if there is a better business opportunity outside the bank.

Don't waste time: You may find out that a lot of people who are poor in middle age probably wasted their youthful time doing vain things. Whatever you do now will automatically affect your tomorrow. If you want to make it in Nigeria, you need to make the best use of your today for a better tomorrow. Time really translates to money

Understand the Nigerian factor: This is existent in everything we do and say. It affects the way we live and do business. There are a lot of Nigerian factors that could work for or against your financial success. You need to identify them and strip yourself off the negatives. Hold on to the progressives.

Re: How to make it in Nigeria Reply by Olawuyi on Tuesday March 6, 2012 at 11:25:52:

Most of the empowerment programme and talkes are encouraging but how can we get the initial capital to start as an applicant without any capital, enough of talked rather display action. We have the vision, zeal and power but no capital, Nigeria leader or those with capital help these youth time is not on our side so as to have a better country with reasonable citizens

Re: How to make it in Nigeria Reply by sr on Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 14:32:42:

how get initial capital for business :
1. self discipline
2. you must ready to suffer for a while
3.determination and commitment
4.define a clear objective
5.your strength is the first major source

you can contact me for details

Re: How to make it in Nigeria Reply by kynn on Sunday January 4, 2015 at 13:7:18:

inspiring article
yeah but sometimes one needs a lil help to explore and everyone seems stingy and indifferent how then??? no magics alot ppl r willing d dream d future is bright but we r trapped from it how then??? i ask again

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