Make money with your Nigerian bank account

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Posted by on Tuesday March 27, 2012 9:49:53:

Do you know that you can money in Nigeria just by operating a bank account? It basically involves using the money you have to make more money and the thing about this is that the more money you put in, the higher the amount of money you can make with it.

How to do this:
- Identify different banking products being offered by your bank
- Get sufficient capital
- Calculate your options and see if there are better opportunities rather than investing with the bank
- Fill the application form and get an account

Types of banking accounts you can make money with:
- Savings account (From interest on savings)
- Fixed Deposit account (From higher interest on savings)
- Loans (Borrow money to make more money)

Tips for making more money with your bank account
- Move to a bank that pays higher interest on savings
- Add more capital to earn more with Fixed deposit
- Get loans from banks to invest in businesses that have higher return rate than the interest on loans

Re: Make money with your Nigerian bank account Reply by Mr CHARLES OMENUKO on Monday April 2, 2012 at 12:30:59:

My name is Mr CHARLES OMENUKO.I want a BANK that can give me some money to add to the money i have to start up a business.i will pay back.

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