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Posted by on Tuesday October 4, 2011 16:35:12:

I didn't really want to write this review but I have to in order to share my experience with fellow Nigerian publishers on my how I fared with Infolinks.
Infolinks is an advertising network that also has a publishing programme that allows website owners to make money from their site content.

Infolinks is quite different from ads like Google adsense, Chitika, Adbrite and others which were mostly banners or text ads. Infolinks is different in the sense that it is embedded on texts on your web page as if they were hyper links and you get credit when someone clicks on it. Because, they are text based ads, they don't take up any additional space other than acting as useful hyperlinks.

Now I used Infolinks on my site which was more focused on Nigeria web visitors and Keywords and it was encouraging as my site was still averagely faster. When I applied for Infolinks, I was not rejected since I had a lot of page content and also high search engine traffic

Why I liked Infolinks
- I could make more than $1 a day
- They are the best inline ads paying network
- They sent me a Payoneer Mastercard when I scaled $50
- My website still loaded faster
- It was a simple code

But Infolinks dumped me
Just after putting in all the hardwork and making sure I reached and even exceeded the minimum payment and accumulated over $70, Infolinks closed my account for no justifiable reason. I sent an email seeking for clarification and ways told my site has been suspended. From the correspondence I made, I found out that it was simply because I was not sending enough American or European traffic to their advertisers

My Regrets
I was hoping to use the income to at least pay for some web fees or at least pay for a month's internet plan but Infolinks technically defrauded me, just becasue I'm a Nigerian. They ripped me off my earnings and they should have declined my application for a publisher account in the first place and not after giving them traffic.

If you are a Nigerian publisher and most of your visitors are from Nigeria, I wouldn't advise that you use Infolinks since their advertisers and target audience is only for countries like the USA or UK. If you still want to make money with Infolinks from Nigeria, you should target audiences that are pleasing to Infolinks and their advertiser base. You can do better with Google adsense or even Chitka.


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