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Posted by on Wednesday October 5, 2011 17:25:3:

Chitika is an internet advertising and publishing network just like Google adsense/adwords, Bidvertiser and Infolinks which I earlier wrote about.

Chitika has a program for advertisers as well as publishers. Becoming a Chitika publisher offers you the opportunity to earn money online for clicks you generate from your website. Chitika actually accepts Nigerian publishers as long as your site also has a fairly good traffic from their targeted countries like the USA, Canada or UK.

Recently, Yahoo publisher network has been integrated to Chitika hence offering publishers more opportunity to a larger pool of advertisers and making more money online.

To get started with Chitika
- Have a website that has global traffic
- You need to apply for a publisher account
- Wait for approval
- Create your ad code and place it on your site

Once you get approved for a Chitika account, you would be placed on a silver or bronze category. The higher the category, the better the kind of ads your site will be displaying and the more money you are likely to make. The highest category is gold and once you are on that level, you get the bet ads and make the most money. But you really need a lot of US or Canadian traffic to get there

How much can I earn from Chitika?
It depends on where a majority of your traffic is coming from but popular Chitika publishers are known to make even up to $3000 or more a month just from running Chitika ads on their popular sites. For me, I have just been sent my first cheque and I'm expecting it anytime in Nigeria.

Tips for earning more with Chitika
- Target more US traffic by making your site content related to US audience
- Build a network of sites
- Use larger ads and mobile ads
- Enroll for the affiliate program and bring in more publishers and advertisers.

Re: Chitika Review: For Nigerian publishers Reply by Entertainer on Saturday March 8, 2014 at 7:32:36:

Thanks for this post. But I'm having doubts as to whether to enroll this blog since they have difficulty sending cheques to Nigeria. Did you get your own cheque?

Re: Chitika Review: For Nigerian publishers Reply by Felix Okoli on Saturday March 8, 2014 at 7:32:36:

You can use Chitika but you'd also need to use their Paypal payment rather than cheque. I didn't receive my cheque and yet Chitika told me someone has cleared it. Avoid cheque payments with Chitika if you are in Nigeria.

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