Withdrawing from Paypal with Airtime topup in Nigeria

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Posted by on Thursday January 5, 2012 10:53:33:

If you are in Nigeria and want to make a withdrawal from Paypal, I guess you already know that Paypal doesn't work here yet but there are still several ways to get access to your paypal funds in Nigeria and one of those includes shopping online.

There are several stores where you can pay for items or downloads with your paypal account and in this way have access to your funds. Now, I wouldn't advise you to open a Paypal account or have anything to do with Paypal if you are living in Nigeria unless you are probably just visiting or have residence in a Paypal country.

So simply using your paypal funds to buy stuff is one way to convert your money from Paypal to another form.

There could be several other online stores that accept paypal payments for goods or services related to Nigerians but getting your airtime loaded is actually a faster method to do so.

Requirements for buying airtime online with Paypal

- Free account registration
- Paypal account with adequate funds
- Beneficiary phone number
- Amount

Site(s) to buy airtime top up with Paypal
- www.mtntopup.com


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