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A teacher is s person who has undergone a formal training in a teachers training college, a college of education or a university and has obtained a professional certificate ranging from teachers grade two certificates (TC II), National certificate in education (NCE) to B.A or B.SC in education.
A diligent teacher can make money in one or more of the following ways.

SALARY: A teacher can seek for a paid employment in any private or public educational institution where he will be entitled to a monthly salary.

PRIVATE TUTORIALS: A teacher can earn additional income by organizing extra tutorials or private lessons for students who wants to excel in examination like SSCE, JAMB, SAT, GCE, O & A levels etc and also in special subjects like further mathematics. Another income generator for a teacher is to organize an adult literary class.

CONSULTANCY: A teacher can offer consultancy services to students as a carrier counselor especially in the area of subjects and carrier choices
He can also be a consultant to parents who want their children to be admitted into special schools like command schools, federal government college, foreign universities e.t.c.
He can as well become a country representative of a foreign educational institution in his home country e.g. a Nigerian teacher representating the University of London in Nigeria.

WRITING: A teacher can make a lot of money through writing textbooks, novels, handouts, pamphlets and even becoming a correspondent or columnist in a newspaper or magazine.
As a matter of facts most of the books being read in schools today are written by teachers in their various areas of specialization. This has then potential of earning a residual income for the teachers even after his retirement.

RESOURCE PERSON: A teacher who is in the field or working in the state or federal ministry of education can become a resource person when educational seminars are organized thereby earning extra income for himself.

ONLINE TUTORIALS: A teacher can establish an educational website or portal to impart knowledge online. The students will pay before they can login thereby generating income for the teacher who has now become a web master.

COMPUTER SCHOOL: A teacher who read computer education can setup a computer school or college whish is very lucrative in Nigeria today because of the communication revolution going on in the country.

SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP: A teacher as an educationist is qualified to open a crèche, nursery, basic or secondary school and or even a university as a proprietor or proprietress.
This is where the really money is for the teacher as it is the most lucrative endeavor for the teacher, but it is very capital intensive because education is no longer a matter of blackboard and chalk but a matter of computerized classrooms and computer literate teachers and these hard wares, soft wares and people ware are not cheap at all.
In conclusion, a diligent and innovative teacher’s salary is no longer in heaven but right here on earth.

Got any other ideas of how teachers can make money? Share them here.

    Re: How teachers make money Reply by Okafor Uzoma on Wednesday January 9, 2013 at 17:23:14:

    God bless you. I am a teacher and find this enlightening. Thanks

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