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Posted by on Saturday June 13, 2015 at 10:46:3:

Making money in Nigeria is not just about setting up a business you feel is profitable because a particular line of business may be profitable for someone while it may not be profitable for another person and the only difference could be that the successful person had more friends.

I know a lady who makes good money from her catering business. She knows how to cook but the fact that she can cook good food is not the only thing that helps her make money. It is actually the fact that she is member of many public associations through which she networks with people. She attends meetings for her town's people and so many people from her home town know her in Lagos. She also attends church and belongs to a society where she also networks with people. As a result of the fact that she knows people and people know her and her line or work, that's why she is able to get a lot more jobs than other people and there are rarely any public events like on Saturdays that she doesn't get contracts.

There is another man who I know that runs a fashion store where he sells clothes and shoes. He normally imports and sells them to many clients but the bulk of his clients are actually those who are friends he made from public organizations to which he belongs such as his social club. He was able to make friends through those platforms and also exchange contacts and business cards with the people he met.

If you are running a business in Nigeria, one of the things that can help make your business successful is by networking with people. You should make as much friends as you can who are more likely to become your loyal customers. You can choose the social platform through which you can network with people and also try to exchange your business cards or contacts when you meet them.

When you make friends, it's not normally good to hide the type of business you are doing from them unless you don't want them to become your future customers. The more friend and contacts you make, the more likely it is that they will convert to loyal customers.

It is not just by calculating facts and figures accurately that can help make a business to be successful but it's also by using people power. The more people you are able to connect with, the more your business can become successful.

Nowadays, Nigerians business owners connect with people through a variety of public social platforms such as religious places, clubs, academic centers, societies and so on. It's simple. The more friends or contacts you have, the more money you can make.


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