How many shares did you buy in 2012?

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Posted by on Tuesday April 24, 2012 17:51:38:

We've already passed Q1 and now in Q2 and If you've not bought any shares from Nigeria's capital market this year, you could be missing a lot of opportunities. This is the year of buying even if it is just because of their attractive prices.

It is very hard for Nigeria's economy to collapse, far from it, it is only gradually normalizing. Well the business of buying and selling shares anywhere in the world is not really 100% guaranteed but it is a very easy and passive way of letting your wealth work for you. By buying stocks, you are allowing your money to do the work while you rest. The major work involved in buying shares actually has to do with analyzing the market first of all and taking a risk with a select group of stocks you believe are doing well and have a positive future.

The minimum price for stocks listed on the NSE is set at 50k so the closer a share price goes to 50k, the likelihood that it has no other place to go than up and that is what makes buying low price stocks a sensible investment.

If I wanted to invest and had the capital
I would probably buy some stocks from banking sector and then others like insurance, health care, food and maybe manufacturing sector.

If I had the capital, I would buy:
100,000 units of Fidelity bank
100,000 units of UBA
100,000 units of GTAssurance
100,000 units of Skyebank
100,000 units of Sterling bank
10,000 units of Zenith bank
10,000 units of MayBaker
10,000 units of Honeywell

Just my thoughts of what would be in my portfolio if I wanted to invest seriously.

Anyway, If you've got better things to do with your money like running more successful businesses, investing into real estate, then you may avoid buying shares. But really, this is the best time to buy and I'm talking about a 2 year plan.

Re: How many shares did you buy in 2012? Reply by Abraham on Saturday May 12, 2012 at 14:0:22:

Pls, how much it will be if i buy N50000 ordinary shares in any Nigerian Companies in next 5 years? Thanks

Re: How many shares did you buy in 2012? Reply by Felix Okoli on Saturday May 12, 2012 at 14:0:22:

Buying shares is not something that has a specific payback rate and it is not certain that you will make money. If however, you are looking for a kind of investment you will put your money into and get a specific payback amount, then you should go for govt treasury bonds or fixed deposit accounts.

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