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Elections are around the corner and campaigns have already started happening. Political parties have started realigning and everyone is really struggling to win. There are not just doing this to get to power. In Nigeria, one of the major goals of entering politics is to make money. You can make money from politics in Nigeria, one way or other other either as a politician, a supporter, social group or a simple business man and there are a lot of ways to do so.

Ways to make money from Nigerian politics:

In Nigeria, there is a lot of money spent on politicking and this happens on many occasions.

Political Aspirant: People who seek to get elected into an office can make money when they achieve that dream. Being a political aspirant has its risks since you may end up spending a lot of money on campaigns and still lose the election. However, if you are a strong candidate who wants to step down for a richer opponent, you can simply have the rival settle the bills you've already spend and a bit of commission for stepping aside. It normally involves spending a bit of money in order to get more money by winning the election or at least be a strong candidate that can at the same time sell his slot to a richer candidate. Either way, whether you get to the elective position or step aside for money, you get to make a profit as an aspirant. Some aspirants may spend about NGN Xm and make a profit of NGN 2Xm by stepping aside or winning the election.

Social group: If you can form a social group or association that has a large pool of voting members in a geographic area, your chances of getting mobilization fees or financial motivation would be high since politicians would want to associate with you in order to win votes. Politicians are more likely to buy the votes of organized groups than spend money advertising to the general public. Politicians or political parties normally seek the support of social groups so during elections so that they'd have a higher chance of winning an election. Student's association, market associations, labour associations, religious associations are common social groups which politicians would be most willing to partner with since they can get bulk votes from them and do organized campaigns within their environment. Politicians may pay a campaign fee or support a cause in the association's environment just to visit your social group.

Party members: If you are card carrying member of a political party, you can make money during campaigns and elections since that is the time most parties tend to share money and mobilization fees. It costs little or nothing to be a member of a party as most parties are open to accept anybody. Even if you don't have money, as long as you can always be available and help in the managing of events, you can make money from commissions paid out for public exercises being carried out by the party to participating members.

Business investor: There are also people who tend to make money from politics without actively participating in politics. What business investors basically do is invest money in a political party by supporting them financially during fund raising events. If the party ends up winning and becoming the government, the business investor would get contracts and or lower taxes and considerations on their business. A good example is Dangote who supported the PDP and the govt has helped his business by making laws that support the local cement industry.

Contractors: Politicians at times require the services of independent contractors to help them do their work and activities more efficiently. It normally includes products and services such as bottled water, food catering, fashion accessories, banners, advertising, logistics and so on. If you can identify and offer them the products and services that they need, you would be able to make some good money too.


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