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Posted by on Wednesday March 5, 2014 at 8:33:34:

You can make money in Nigeria as a Graphic designer. A graphic designer is a person who is skilled in designing graphics by making use of a special computer software that can create and manipulate images.

One of the cool ways to make money in Nigeria is by offering computer services. Now, when it comes to computer services, there are lots of skills one can use and one of them is in graphic designing.

The thing about Graphic design services is that it doesn't require selling a tangible product but it basically requires just using a computer to design graphics. It is a kind of business one can start with little capital because what it mostly requires is your knowledge about graphic designing tools and how to use them to create attractive looking images.

Graphic designing basically involves using computer programs to create images such as logos, banners, adverts, charts and other works of computer art.

The focus of a graphic designer is to create an appealing work of art by making use of a computer software.

A company may be looking for a corporate logo that best represents their company and better project their image. You can design one for them if you are skilled to do so.
You may even approach those companies personally and try to offer them a much better looking logo even if they already had one.

A graphic designer must first of all ensure that his work is already publicized and known. He should first of all create many designs and hang them in a gallery to help in advertising his business. Afterwards, he would be able to attract a lot of customers who may want his service.

A graphic designer may set up an office where he offers the service or even offer it as a freelancer by going out to meet with companies and businesses. He would also have to decide on his rates and how he would normally charge for his work. Complex designers that require more service time would normally cost more to his clients than simple ones.

Computer programs normally used by Graphic designers include but are not limited to CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop and Fireworks.

A designer can make money by creating computer artworks for advertising, logos, print design, animation and multimedia. He needs to be skilled not just with using programs but also have a creative mind.

The thing is that once you are good as a graphic designer and people know how good you are, you are more likely to make money from the business. All it basically requires is a computer and a designing software to start.

- You will need to know how to design graphics with your computer
- You will need to set your fees
- You will need to advertise your service
- You will need to create samples of your work and give it publicity


Re: How to make money as a Graphic designer Reply by cynthia on Thursday July 16, 2015 at 15:10:42:

hw will i set my fee

Re: How to make money as a Graphic designer Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday July 16, 2015 at 15:10:42:

Depends on what others in the market are charging. You can set your fee based on the work you are doing. Check with those graphic designers in your area at business centers to see how much they are charging.

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