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An article can be seen as a collection of words or sentences for the purpose of informing the readers.
Article writing is an easy way to make money online and as long as you can write, you can definitely make money from the internet, even making it a full time job.
The world wide web needs writers, now, more than ever before. If you were good at writing essays at school, good at making or construction good English and grammar, article writing is one way you could make money easily and all it needs for you to do is write.
What I am doing now is article writing and it involves writing a sort of informational essay about a topic. An article tends to tell people or readers more about a topic of interest. A good article is meant to deliver insight and helpful information to readers so that they get to know from the writer's view, more about the topic.

The Mindset
When writing an article, it is necessary if you are well composed and relaxed and have the ability to really use your mind to present your ideas and convictions to your audience. It is meant to captivate the interest of your readers. When you set your mind to write an article, you should make sure that you are not stressed out or lacking of ideas of what to write. At times even a little away time would help prepare you better for writing.

How long should an article be?
Articles are actually meant to be short but nor too short and a bit long. A good article should be at least 200 to 500 words although some writers make it up to as long as 1000. But really, would you want your readers read through a write-up comprising of 1000 words? It could be just too much.

Examples of published online articles includes:
- How to lose belly fat in Nigeria
- Amazon Kindle 3
- How to lose belly fat in Nigeria
- How to dress well for an interview

Where to publish your article:
Once you are interested in writing an article or have already written one offline and looking for a way to publish it, the best you can do is look for an article website that allows you to do so for free. Some websites where you can submit your articles are:
- multidox.net/articles
- hubpages.com
- ehow.com
- articlebase.com
- helium.com
- ezinearticles.com

How do Article writers make money online?
There is a lot of demand for original articles on the internet as it is reponsible for driving the way search engines work and websites rank. The more the merrier and you could make money from it in the following ways:
- Writing for news sites
- Writing as a freelancer on project sites
- Writing for your publishing site
- Writing on partner sites and get a percentage of their earnings


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