What format is best for writing?

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Posted by on Tuesday January 10, 2012 12:45:17:

If you are the kind of person that does a lot of article writing, I bet you would already have a sort of format or writing style that works for you. Yeah, there could be a lot of writing going on in the internet but writing formats could vary from writer to writer and you'd need to have a standard format that can help you do the job much easier, especially if it already has become a job.

Formats are helpful
Using a consistent format for writing your articles can help you become a better writer as it would make you more efficient and connect with your audience much better. Most new writers tend to write without any particular or standard format and that at times bring poor performance.

To be a good writer, adopt a format
If you want to be a successful writer, you need to have a format you are used to and stick to it.

Here is an example of a format:
1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Live examples
4. Suggestions
5. Sign off signature

Things to consider when writing an article
- Maximum and Minimum number of words to use
- Places to use bold fonts or headers and how many
- Itemization of points
- References if any
- Related pictures or videos

I normally prefer using up to 200 words per article and like to itemize points to at most 5 key areas. I'm not a stricter though for writing formats but parts like the introduction, personal opinion and helpful suggestions are the main parts I prefer not leaving out.

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