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Posted by Felix okoli on Monday March 19, 2012 10:47:29:

This involves combining affiliate marketing and article writing. I have made a couple of posts on how to make money from affiliate marketing and one method I mentioned in doing so is by making use of articles.

This is an opportunity to make money online irrespective of whether you have a website or not.

What this involves
Sign up with an affiliate program you can write about
Write a couple of articles to promote the program
Submit your articles and include your links on article websites

Where to submit articles
Websites where you can submit articles for free and drive traffic to your website includes:


When deciding on where to submit articles, make sure that such websites are related to your niche and meet your traffic requirements

Tips for effective affiliate marketing with article submissions
- Use good grammar and be informative
- Give free information
- Articles should be not too long or short
- Write a lot of articles. The more the merrier

Re: Affiliate marketing plus Article Submissions Reply by Netplus on Friday June 15, 2012 at 23:18:14:

felix, i use these site you mention to get backlinks to my weight loss site. i am in the process of doing that for my how to make money online blog. nice info man keep it coming.

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