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Posted by on Wednesday July 24, 2013 at 8:37:21:

Want to make money just by writing? Well you should try out iWriter today and write as much as you can.

When it comes to make money online, one of the methods I've mentioned is by writing articles. Article writing is a skill and service offered by people who know how to write good sentences in English on a particular subject of interest.

When you take a look at the daily newspapers you read in Nigeria, it is made up of news reports which are articles written by one journalist or another. Yes, that's what article writing is about - It can be made up of 200 to 1000 words focusing on a particular subject or topic.

Well, I've recently discovered a new way or website for making money instantly online just by writing articles jobs right here in Nigeria and all you need is writing skills and a Paypal account. I've already talked about how to operate a Paypal account efficiently in Nigeria here.

iWriter is a freelance website that is dedicated to writers who want to make money and employers who want to pay for article writing services. The default means of payment is Paypal and iWriter pays writers who've earned money many times during the month as long as they've earned at least $20.

So, if you have good writing skills, then there is no limit to how much you can make with iWriter.

Sure there are many other freelancing websites that allow you to work on writing projects but those ones I'd say are too competitive and there already have a lot of members. What makes iWriter different is that you get to write and submit your articles almost as soon as an employer requests them.

How much can you make with iWriter? Well you can earn as much as $2.3 per 500 word article and less for lesser worded articles. The more article you can write a day, the more money you can make.

iWriter also offers you the opportunity to allow people make a special request for your service. This would help you earn more especially from people who love your writing skills and want to hire you. You can place a link in your blog or article website if you have one.

Here is an example I've made for myself if you want to hire me:

Hire Felix Okoli on iWriter

I recently earned around $2.43 for a 500 word article I wrote on a subject I am not used to. I just did a bit of research on it on the internet and was able to write an article in under 2 hrs.

I believe there is a lot of money to make by writing at iWriter from Nigeria. You just need to have good writing skills and do a lot of jobs there to make money.

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