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Blogging is a web activity that relates to making blog posts on a website.
A blog post is simply an article or write-up that is published on a website so whenever one makes a blog post, then he is blogging.

What does it take to start a blog?
You will need things like:
- A website
- Blogging platform
- Content

Once you have a website that can support blogging, you can start publishing your writings on that blog, making it available for people throughout the internet world.

Content is the major life blood of a blog and the more a blog has it, the merrier. Having original on a blog doesn't come easy as it requires a creative blogger to write in such a way that he is able to send his message across to his audience. Some bloggers are ok with publishing only a few words

Platforms used in blogging
Blogging platforms are necessary for blogging. If one wants to start a blog, it is proper that he first installs which blogging software he wants to use. Some blogging platforms include Wordpress, blogger, Movable type and Typepad. Wordpress is becoming the most popular and is a free software you can install at most web hosting accounts.
Once you;ve installed the platform, you can then access your control panel and start publishing posts.

Why blog?
Blogging is moving our world and are higher visited websites because of the way they interact with people. It allows writers to captivate people's thoughts and at the same time allows readers to react by posting comments. Nowadays, politicians win elections with blogs, social revolutions start with blogs, blogs make money from online advertising, newspaper companies publish their reports by means of blogs and so on. Blogging is becoming the lifeblood of the internet because it is where majority of web content resides and search engines love them. Blogs are being referenced as if they were books nowadays as most of them do contain valuable information.

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