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Nowadays, there is a growing number of blogs being set up by individuals and some of these blogs are so powerful that they have over 100,000 subscribers and millions of daily visitors. Some blogs have high number of people traffic while some have low. Some blogs are more important than others but the bottom line is that traffic, no matter how small can convert to money.

Blogs are taking over traditional newspaper business
So how do you think newspapers make their money? They do so by means of classified adverts, sponsored pages and so on. These newspapers have a lot of readers and they end up capturing the eyes of people who read them daily so they have to make their money by some other means and this is where selling advertising space comes in. Nowadays, blogs are also becoming very important as they get even more traffic than most newspapers do get from readers. Blogs are free to read and does not need to cut down trees for paper making since they are digitalized.
Blogs are green and yet effective in providing information to people across the world and they have also started making money from advertising but in this case it is online advertising.

Blogs drive internet traffic
Most people who use the internet would have to come in contact with blogs at one time or the other. This is because blogs have such rich content and valuable information that makes search engine and people to love them. When people search for information on the web, they tend to get redirected to blogs and when they visit a blog, chances are they would keep revisiting that blog over and over again. Such traffic is nice and can me monetized to bring in money for the blogs

Business models that works for blogs
Here is how blogs really make their money. The basic thing they need to do is provide valuable information to their teeming audience to ensure that people are satisfied with them. Then they use a back end technology to include advertising. Most online advertisers spend big bucks by advertising on blogs related to their products or services just to lure those blog visitors to their commercial websites. So blogs get paid by advertisers who in turn get to market and sell their items. This is the basic form of income that work for most blogs - selling advertising space while they just provide good content. There are however other sources of income blogs use to make money

Forms of online income that work for blogs
- Selling online advertising: Direct and Indirect
- Selling own products
- Promoting affiliate sales
- Selling membership accounts

If you've got a blog, you can make money with it. Blogs are becoming as important as books and the strong ones will last much longer than the weak ones.

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List out some of the blogs that can get paid

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