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Posted by on Saturday January 26, 2013 at 13:36:11:

If you already have an exisitng business either in the physical world or the internet, one way in which you can give it more publicity is by doing business blogging.

Blogging about your business gives it more publicity on the web and in this way enable more people to patronize your business in the real world.

In most developed countries across the world, it is hard to see any 21st century business that doesn't have a blog or at least have bloggers feature their business. There is something blogging does for a business - It helps sell the business on the internet.

What is blogging really about? Blogging is about writing and publishing content on the internet and it is more commonly in form form of texts, but it can also be in form of videos, audio, pictures and so on.

When a business strives to capture more customers by using blogs, they tend to make their business and services more visible on search engines since the later respects blogs.

When it comes to attracting people on the internet, it is really all about content and the more content a website or company has on the internet, the more money it would actually make. Blogs have a powerful way of making business more visible on the web because it adds content in such a way that makes it more attractive.

There si a growing number of businesses and merchants in Nigeria going online to look for customers. Some of them start up business blogs that publish content periodically about their products and services. Some even pay bloggers to write reviews about a particular product, promo or service and this helps give them a kickback in return when they see clients trooping too their outlets after doing some Googling.

More and more Nigerians are not Googling for products before doing the actual buying and blogs that blog about such product tend to easily attract potential buyers to existing businesses.

If you do have a business like a food delivery outfit, a wedding planning service, a membership gym, a laptop and gadget store, one way you can get more customers is by going online and getting the word out on websites. Blog about your business and see how many customers you will make in the long run.

Another good thing about blogging for business is that in the long run, it is actually a much effective means of advertising than Pay Per click advertising since the only cost you would make may be a one time fee for paying for a blog review or setting up a blog. Even if you do run a full time blog that updates when you have new products or offering promos, it is still cheaper than paying for online advertising since it is in itself a form of in-house advertising for the merchant.

Blogs allow you to publish more content than traditional online advertising allows and yet costs less. So if you are running a business and want to make more money with it, try doing some business blogging so that your business will be more visible on the web.

    Re: Blogging for Business Reply by raji kamar on Sunday January 27, 2013 at 13:18:44:

    Intresting and helpful. But if i'm ready to start my own blog, what are the next steps?

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