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Posted by on Tuesday March 17, 2015 at 9:36:52:

There are 2 big online shopping companies now in Nigeria and they offer delivery service to everywhere in Nigeria. They are into a business that is mostly visible on the internet and this business is called online shopping. They offer people the ability to buy things on the internet without having to visit a physical store or shop in Nigeria and even choose to pay cash after the item has been delivered to them.

Konga calls itself Nigeria's Largest shopping mall while Jumia chose to be known as Nigeria's No 1 online store and I think they are both right.

Both online shopping giants make a lot of money by selling things that Nigerians mostly want to buy from time to time and those items tend to come at really reasonable prices. People can buy clothes, shoes, books, drinks, computers, gadgets, electronics, mobile phones and others from the 2 online stores and they are able to get it at good prices because those shopping giants seem to be also involved in importation/acquisition of those goods at wholesale prices.

Both Jumia and Konga have warehouses in several cities across Nigeria and a large delivery fleet of vehicles to help deliver items that have been purchased on the web to Nigerians wherever they reside.

The important thing about these online shopping giants is that they basically have all it takes to sell to people and what they basically need are people who can help promote their business and that's why they are currently offering what we refer to as an affiliate marketing program.

Konga and Jumia's affiliate marketing program allows members to make money by means of a commission the sales of items they are able to bring. You can earn up to 9% on the sales value of an item that has been purchased by people you invited to buy on their platform and another good thing about their affiliate program is that you can promote them on several online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, blogger, online chat platforms and even your own website.

Once you are joined as a member of Konga or Jumia's affiliate program, you will e given an affiliate link you can use to help drive traffic to their website and when the visitor buys something from them, you will earn a commission.

They offer payments for your commission in Naira at the end of the month and pay directly into a bank account you have provided as long as you'v earned the required minimum which is about N10,0000 a month.

There are already a growing number of Nigerians mostly bloggers with their own online platforms that make millions of Naira from the program and you too can join and make money by just referring people to buy what they are already used to buying.

Let's assume that you refer someone to buy a power generator with your affiliate link sent in an email, the potential buyer may follow the link and then buy a generator worth N50,000. You stand to earn about N4500 as your commission if the commission rate is at least 9%.

You can make use of direct affiliate tex links or banners to drive traffic to your affiliate landing page and the more people you get, the more money you are likely to make.

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Re: How to make money blogging as a Konga or Jumia Affiliate Reply by emmanuel christiana on Tuesday June 9, 2015 at 10:31:20:

it a nice approach i believe with this concept someone can have what to fall back with at the end of the month

Re: How to make money blogging as a Konga or Jumia Affiliate Reply by emmanuel christiana on Wednesday June 10, 2015 at 12:44:58:

it a welcome ideal that will enhance so many life for a greater tomorrow.

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