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Posted by on Friday June 12, 2015 at 13:4:46:

One of the ways through which bloggers and online writers can make money in Nigeria is by simply getting paid to write blog posts on their blogs or content websites. Sure, they can make money as online writers through a variety of other mediums such as pay per click advertising, direct advertising placements, affiliate marketing and so on but the one that I've seen that's a bit more relaxing is when they start getting paid to write specific blog posts.

More and more Nigerians businesses are going online to get customers and one of the things they normally invest in is advertising but they don't limit their funds to just paid per click advertising platforms such as Google adwords, Bidvertiser or AdDynamo as they also pay top bloggers to write about them on their websites.

I wouldn't be writing about making money though sponsored blog posts If I didn't have the experience already and believe me, it is really profitable.

In order to start making money through this way, you need to first of all establish yourself as an authority or respectable blogger/writer in the particular niche the business would be more interest in.

Let's assume you want to be making money as a blogger/online writer from companies in the food industry, then, you may need to first have something like a food blog that has a lot of already published articles/posts. Your website should already be receiving traffic from potential Nigerian customers and rank well in the search engines. It would only be a matter of time before local businesses in the food sector would start contacting you to give them publicity.

Writing a sponsored blog post or article on your website basically involves deciding beforehand what your rates and any other conditions involved. You could decide to charge a rate of maybe N1000 to N10,000 per post but it should mostly depend on how much traffic your website is already getting. You would also need to decide on how many words the article will be and the means of payment. It's normally best to use a direct bank payment and then do correspondence with the business via email and all agreements should be well documented.

There are a growing number of Nigerian bloggers and online writers who make money by just writing posts they've already being paid for and this in a way encourages them to keep writing.

You would need to first establish a solid online presence on the internet through your blog and have a lot of already published posts in order to be able to attract potential advertisers.

Starting a blog focused on Nigerian content can be easy as long as you know how to write articles and you can start one for free even by using Google's blogger platform.

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