3 Easy Steps to start online forex trading in Nigeria

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Posted by on Wednesday April 25, 2012 10:43:26:

Online forex trading is a kind of internet business one can do in Nigeria and all it really requires are:

What you will need
- A personal internet connection
- A forex trading account

3 Easy steps to start trading forex in Nigeria
So here are 3 easy things that can help you get started with trading forex in Nigeria

1. Register with an online forex broker (I recommend Marketiva)
2. Download the platform and start trading (For marketiva, see: http://www.marketiva.com/index.ncre?page=downloads)
3. Login to the platform and start trading. You can do demo trading.

After getting trained
When you are more confident and getting more wins as a trader, you can then switch over to live trading by adding funds to your account using Liberty reserve or Wire transfer from a domiciliary account.

There are many online resources, websites, books that can give you tips of knowing how to trade. You can focus on growing your capital even if it just $100 or $1000.


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