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Freelancing as the name implies simply means being able to do the normal work you are qualified to do but from anywhere. You don't have to report at the office or your store to do your job. Freelancing is the way professionals, especially computer gurus are making a living online and they do so by making use of the internet.

Think of the great things the internet makes us able to do not minding the fact that we really do take it for granted, the internet allows humans to talk to each other in almost real time using a virtual presence. Platforms like Skype, Yahoo chat allows us to do video, voice and text chats across to our contacts across the world. People and businesses can hold teleconferences and boards can meet with other boards like from Tokyo to New York, Silicon valley to India.

With Freelancing, you can work for people and get paid without leaving your home. Someone in Lagos, Nigeria with skills in say programming can do a job contract for another person in Maryland USA and get paid for it by means of western union or bank wire. You can hold meetings using any of the available social media programs. Countries like India are becoming a popular hub for freelance jobs and sub-contracts. Most american businesses find it easier to sub0contract a job to skilled professionals in India and yet save costs while doing so. With the recession already biting hard, the world is already being forced to make use of developing technology and invest in freelancing jobs and this is helping keep freelancers in business.

Types of Jobs Freelancers do
It really ranges and cuts across varying industries and they include:
- Consulting
- Web designing and development
- Content and article writing
- Graphic design
- Programming
- Copywritng
- Legal support
- Sales and marketing
- Search engine optimizaton
- Fashion designing and photography

Where to get freelancing jobs
You would do well if you have your own website first that defines what jobs you can do and what area you are skilled in. You can also get jobs from freelancing communities on the web and there are a lot of them. A good example if Guru.com. Guru allows you to become a member for free and to look for and bid for jobs. It also allows employers to make advance payment first to Guru who then holds it on your behalf until the contract is complete. Another good site is elance.com

How the process works
- You create a public profile that includes your abilities, qualifications and portfolio
- Employers invite you for a job or You place and win a bid for a job
- Employer makes a commitment payment n your behalf to a third party like Guru.com
- You complete the contract to the satisfaction of the employer
- Employer approves and final funds are released to you

How much can I make from Freelancing?
It really depends on the kind of job, competition and how much you are willing to accept. It ultimately depends on you and how rare your skills are. Some professionals earn as much as $500 to $3000 per job

Re: What Freelancing is about Reply by Ibe Paul Jnr on Wednesday December 12, 2012 at 13:7:7:

Pls, can i still apply for a freelance job without a website?

Re: What Freelancing is about Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday December 12, 2012 at 13:7:7:

Yes you can.

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