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Freelancing is really about doing stuff for other people remotely and getting paid for it mostly online. You don't really need a physical office, but you would at least need an online presence such as a internet profile.

Make money online with Freelancing
You can make money in Nigeria not just by offering goods but by also offering services. The good thing about services when compared to products is that it can be relatively easy to setup a service oriented business and with little or no capital. Services are something you can do or offer to clients that they get a sort of satisfaction from it. It is not something that is physical or can be touched but it can be felt or experienced and they end up paying you for it. Things like hospitality, information, marketing, designing, writing and so on are services that people can offer in Nigeria and make money from it.

With freelancing, offering services is also possible and it a quick means by which a lot of people especially in developed countries make money at home or on the go.

Take an example of India for example, there is a lot of freelance jobs being offered to Indians mostly because they can do it and for relatively cheaper too. Even most American writers, programmers and freelancers complain that American companies are offering their jobs to Indians. But the fact is that they are quite good too and saves cost to American and European businesses.

How does Freelancing really work?
It is like this:
- You recognize a skill you are good in. Mostly computer related
- You publish a resume online on your website or a membership community
- You can bid for contracts or get approached by clients offering contracts.
- You do the job if you get awarded the contract
- You select a means of getting paid

How do I get paid for Freelancing work?
If you are doing freelancing on the internet, there are various ways to get paid in Nigeria and these includes western union, wire transfer to domicilliary account and so on. Most online freelance communities do help you store your payments online in an escrow account until you are ready to withdraw.

What services can you offer as a Freelancer?
There are a thousand of services you can offer as a freelancer whether on your own or by being part of a freelance community. Here are examples:
- Writing
- Graphic designing
- Web designing
- HTML coding
- Programming
- Answering questions
- Consulting
- Customer service
- Email processing
and so on.

Where to start making money as a freelancer
You can search for sites offering freelance jobs and examples include: guru.com, elance.com and so on.


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