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There is an increasing number of websites in Nigeria nowadays and most of them are really not selling anything or serving as a corporate website for businesses. These websites are designed to make money by themselves and you can call it the rise of internet money making machines.

Websites can make money
In the real world, machines tend to make work easier for people. In cyberworld, these websites are like machines that can keep generating money for you even while you are sleeping. It has to do with content and the more content a website has, the higher its ability to make money .

Now how does content on a website generate money for the owner? How do you milk a website in order to get some money with it?
It works like this: When a website has useful content, it will naturally attract human visitors and the more humans it can attract, the more public exposure it gets and hence the more appropriate it will be for online advertisers.

Advertisers need your site
There are a lot of people willing to pay for internet advertisement and the reason why they mostly want to do so is because they want to promote a product or service of theirs. It could be for making more sales, getting more subscribers, selling more services and so on but the bottom line is that they really want to tap into your popularity.

The Google Factor
Google has the largest pool of online advertisers and is willing to pay website owners for advertising on your site and this is available in their programme called Google Adsense. Google invites web site owners and publishers who have original content to participate in the programme by signing up and pasting the advertising codes on their sites.

How does Google adsense pay you?
If you have a website that has good content, Google allows you to sign up and paste the codes on your website and then generate money from it on a Pay Per Click(PPC) and Cost Per Impression(CPM) basis. A click may earn you as little as $0.10 and as much as $1 in some cases. When you reach the monthly payment limit of about $100, they will send a cheque to you which you can withdraw to a domicilliary account and it should clear within 1 days.

How to start making money with Google adsense in Nigeria
- Just set up a website or blog with blogger or Wordpress and use your domain name and hosting
- Write a lot of articles or blog posts and publish them on your website
- Keep writing on your site for about 3 months to get it in search engine results
- Go to google.com/adsense and sign up as a new member
- Within 24 hrs, you should be approved. Set up adsense codes and paste them n your website template
- Focus on popular topics on your website and keep reviewing them for more money
- Build more niche sites to make money money from Google adsense

Note: Since you are relatively new to Adsense, your earnings may be small for the first 3 months and it could be as low as $1 a month but it will keep growing geometrically to as high as $500 a month within a year if you add more posts.


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