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Posted by Ekene on Monday July 18, 2011 9:54:11:

After Adsense for content, my best paying ad platform is adsense for feeds. After enabling adsense for feeds in my account, It sporadically increased my monthly income from Google adsense. While adsense for content works best and only when people do visit your site, adsense for feeds puts te ads in your feeds and even in the email boxes of your email subscribers using the feedburner monetizaion service.
A lot of people use adsense for feeds but do not send those feeds to the email addresses of their numerous subscribers. I talked about using this strategy to increase your overall Google adsense income and for some people, adsense for feeds may very well bring more income for them than adsense for content. You could use adsense on a few pages on your site and for at most 3 white spaces but with the feeds, you can show adsense ads below each feed unit. It means that you can show more than 3 Google adsense units using ads for feeds.

How many Google ads can I show on feeds?
Google adsense allows you to place adsense ads at the top or bottom of every feed item. Now think about having up to ten feed items, this means you can show up to ten ads using this strategy and even have it showing up in the email boxes of your over 1000 Feedburner email subscribers.

How much does adsense for feeds earn?
Some days are better than others. There are at times I could earn up to $1 per click and at times $0.5. On a good day, I could earn up to $5 from adsense for feeds alone and this all helps to add up my online income.

Adsense for feds works great for sites which offer feeds and especially if you are using the feedburner email monetization strategy.


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