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Posted by on Tuesday August 2, 2011 14:16:18:

A lot has been said online about making money with Google adsense in Nigeria. For those who don't already know about it, Google adsense is a publishing program offered by Google that allows content publishers or web site owners to make money from their web content.

Now how does Google adsense really work?
Well it works by allowing publishers to use advertising codes from Google by pasting them on their websites and they earn money each time it is clicked or displayed. The amount of money you earn from Adsense can be as low as $0.10 to $1 per click in different cases depending on the keywords and the niche which a website belongs to.

If you are interested in making money from the Google adsense programme, here is what you will need:
- Your website or a free website like blogspot, hubpages or Wordpress
- A google adsense account
- a Domicilliary acccount to cash your payment when it is sent
- A lot of written articles on your site. 10 - 20 is ok for a start or approval by adsense

It normally pays best if you have your own website if you can pay for domain and hosting for about 2 years. It would cost about N1500 for domain/year and about N3000/year for web hosting so for 2 years it will total at least N9000. You may also use free domains and web hosting account if you are not yet ready to start paying for a website. Sites like, and all give free accounts that you can use for making money from Google adsense.

Content is Key to making money from Google adsense
If you are going to start making and keep making money from the adsense program, you definitely need to know how to write good articles or blog posts. You need to know what people are mostly looking for and provide free information about it on your blog. Once your site starts getting more and more traffic from search engines, your income will increase too.

Some niches pay better than others but content is what really matters. Just write and publish a lot of useful stuff - 1000 posts would not be bad.

How does Google adsense pay you?
Once your earnings reach about $100 or 70 Euros in a month, Google will send a cheque addressed to your name using Courier or snail mail. You will be sent a pin mailer to verify your address first before the cheque will actually be sent for the first time. Subsequently, Google will keep sending your cheques to your address if you keep making at least the $100 minimum payment. You can then cash your cheque at your domicilliary bank account in Nigeria which you can open with about $150 and it should be cleared in 21 days. You can then make withdrawals from your account in foreign currency or with a credit card.

There are already a couple of Adsense publishers in Nigeria and they make between $50 to $3000 a month just from their websites. So you too can make money online, just like they do.

Re: Using Google Adsense to make money online in Nigeria Reply by Kay on Sunday May 6, 2012 at 21:40:38:

Does this really work in Nigeria. Because I have a Blog. And when I went to the Google adsense site for Western Union transfer, I didn't see Nigeria listed among the countries. Although there were other African countries there.

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