How undegraduate students can make money even while in school

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There are many ways to make money from the internet and for most of them, you don't really need to leave your current programme or study if you are in school. You can still make money online even if you just spend 1 hr a day on the internet.
It's a great thing that a lot of Nigerian students now have access to the internet even within their school environment. Even if you don't yet access to an internet facility, you can still make use of a cybercafe, after school hours or on free days.
There is a growing number of Nigerians who are making some money from the internet. Some make little while others make a lot.
Here are a couple of internet businesses you can do as a student and still be making money with little or no start up capital:

- Freelance Website design
- Freelance Graphics design
- Article writing (Much like essay writing)
- Affiliate Marketing
- Internet Marketing

Freelance Web design: If you have been used to computers, you can even teach yourself how to design a website in seconds. You can google for a free ebook that can teach you how to do it and you can start improving your skills and start bidding for projects on freelance sites like or It can be hard getting a contract if your portfolio is not that impressive but you can still design websites for Nigerians without really meeting them and show a demo for payment prior to delivering the real thing. You can even make money setting up or installing Wordpress blogs for people.

Article writing: This is something that most students can do. As long as you can write essays, you should be able to write an article. It involves writing a sort of expository essay about a topic for other readers to gain insight of it. It may involve doing a research using the internet and see other articles and how they were written. A place where you can get good examples of published articles is You need to have a good command of English. An easy place where you can start writing and publishing your articles in It allows you to make money from Google adsense as well as affiliate marketing products from Amazon. If you can write reviews about gadgets like nokia phones, Apple Ipad, Amazon Kindle and other best selling devices, you would easily make money from the programme.

What you will need to start making money from article writing is:
- Sign up for an account with an article site like
- Sign up for free with an affiliate site like for their associate programme. You can sign up with any other affiliate merchant that will send your payments to Nigeria

When you make some money and reach the paying limit, they will normally send an international check to yo which you can cash in a dom a/c in Nigeria. You may allow your earnings to accumulate to about $1000 before cashing out so as to save costs and make it more reasonable.

Other online programmes:
There are a couple of other things you can do on the internet that can be bringing you money later on. You can try internet marketing and this involves just providing information to people and getting paid for it. People who have made it big in Nigeria are thos selling e-books. E-books are also called electronic books and they are basically a file that contains informational write-ups that teach people how to do things:
- You can write an article on how to make money with Google and package it in MS word. You then convert it to pdf using a software like Adobe Reader 8 or others. Once it is in ebook format, you can then upload it to your email or website and then market it to Nigerians who would pay into your account before you then email it as an attachment to their email. They would inform your by sms when they have made the payment.
Other articles you can write about after doing a research at school or on the web are :
- How to grow a snail farm
- Cashew farming
- Teaching a dog how to poop
- How to lose weight in 2 weeks

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