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Posted by on Monday March 5, 2012 13:12:48:

There are several ways to make money online and most of them don't really have to do with using Paypal. In fact, the biggest ways to make money online don't really require paypal but rather something more solid.

Paypal money isn't real money to you yet as it is still virtual money until you actually get a cheque or bank deposit by Paypal as there are a lot of things that could still happen to your Paypal account before you actually get any money.

So how do the big boys make money from the internet?

Here is a list:
- Amazon affiliate program
- Amazon Kindle publishing
- Affiliate marketing programs that pays with cheque
- Google adsense program
- Online Forex trading
- Article writing
- Offering Freelancing services
- Ecurrency exchange services
- Chitika publishing program
- Selling digital downloads using 2CO, liberty reserve, Plimus, Alertpay and so on.

Just think of a good business idea that you can operate on the internet, choose your desired means of payment and deliver to your clients. You will see that people will be willing to pay you, eve if it has to be by making a direct deposit to your savings account. You just need to be able to offer a service or virtual product to people and they would be willing to pay for it.


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