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Posted by on Friday June 1, 2012 11:2:21:

One of the ways people can add value to their business is by making use of online advertising. Online advertising has the ability to drive more customers to your business.

Internet advertising is becoming a very important tool for connecting to a potential customer base in our modern world and one of the best platforms to setup an online advertising campaign is

You should know Facebook, one of the world's most visited websites. It is a social network in that it allows users to communicate with each other, being humans and social beings. Facebook allows people to publish their personal pictures, post messages and share it with the world.

Internet giants like Google and Yahoo also offer their own sort of online advertising plans, being search engines and very popular tool for internet savvy people, but what sets Facebook apart is that it is more human than the robots.

Things you will need
- An internet connection
- A debit or credit card
- A facebook account
- Campaign - Your ad
- Destination url: Where users to after clicking your ad

How do you advertise on Facebook?
It's not too complex really and this if a simple example for text based advertising
- Go to the Facebook advertising page and click on the button to Create an ad
- Log into if you have not already done so
- Design your ad and upload an image in possible
- Choose your target. Default target will normally be your country. You can also target people based on age, sex and interest
- Configure the settings for your campaign such as daily budget, cost per click or impression.
- Review your advertising order and confirm to go to the payment page
- Pay with your card
- Your ads will be live in a few minutes

Why should you advertise on Facebook
- People spend more time on Facebook than they spend on other sites
- It is more user targeted unlike other ad networks
- You can decide on your daily budget
- You can decide to pay per click or impression

Re: How to advertise online with Facebook Reply by Ibe Paul Jnr on Wednesday December 12, 2012 at 14:10:18:

Debit or credit card, is it more lik ATM?

Re: How to advertise online with Facebook Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday December 12, 2012 at 14:10:18:

It may or may not be an ATM. A debit card is simply a card that is cash backed while a credit card is one that is credit backed.

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