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Posted by on Friday August 16, 2013 at 14:7:54:

In the past, Shopping on US websites like Amazon and eBAY used to be a problem because of payment and shipping restrictions. However nowadays with the introduction of the Naira credit/debit card, it is becoming easier since these cards are supported by global brands - Visa and Mastercard.

Shopping on international sites like is easy unlike shopping on sites like eBay since it also requires a Paypal account, an account that is not open to residents of Nigeria.

Now, when it comes to online shopping websites, ebay does offer one of the lowest prices and you can find both used and new products listed on an almost daily basis. You can find deals when available and you can get a discount on some select items. Free US shipping is also a common feauture of most products listed on websites like eBay.

Well, I've bought a couple of things on eBay and I'm just writing this post to share with you on how you can shop there too without having to use a Paypal account.

What you basically need is a US shopping service and there are many websites like that which provide the service to you for a commission which can be as low as 5%. What they would basically do is help you to buy it. You just have to provide them with the product link and they would buy it for you and they can also ship it to you in Nigeria using DHL.

The only things you will need when subscribing to the US shopping and shipping service is your Nigerian Visa/Mastercard and your Nigerian address. When you are registered with them, you would just use their personal shopping tool to tell them what item you want to buy on ebay. When they have bought the item for you and it has been shipped to your US website, they would then ship it for you using DHL.

When you are using a personal ebay shopper located in the US, one thing you also have to consider is the DHL shipping costs to Nigeria which cost about $50 per kg to Nigeria. So it's better to buy items in bulk or items that would save you costs when you finally get them in Nigeria. For sure you will get shipper items on ebay but you should also consider how much it would cost in Nigeria and see if it is worth buying at all.

Buying things like laptops, cameras and even human hair on US websites like eBAY cool. I've bought laptops and it cost me about $70 for shipping cost to Nigeria but DHL brought it safely to my house while I was able to track it online. The only fees you have to pay to your US personal shopper is their purchase commission(about 6%) and the DHL shipping fee to Nigeria.

So, even if you don't have a Paypal account or ebay account, you can still buy things on ebay or any other US website right here in Nigeria as long as you have an internet connection and a Visa or Mastercard. I prefer using the USD Visa card rather than naira visa card since exchange rate used by banks ten to be high.

You can even shop on sites like, and even right here in Nigeria.

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Re: How to buy things on eBay without a Paypal account Posted by ibrahim on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 17:11:47:

Hope the US shopping and shipping service will not dupe somebody since we don't meet nor have a way of tracing each other

Re: How to buy things on eBay without a Paypal account Posted by Felix Okoli on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 17:11:47:

Well, I've tried them more than 7 times and they have not duped me yet. I think they are reliable. If you are still unsure, you can test them by ordering for small things worth under $100.

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