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Posted by on Saturday August 13, 2011 10:52:15:

Do you want to make money online? Do you have what it takes to do this? Making money online is not exactly an easy thing to do and most especially if you are living and working in Nigeria. In order to be able to make money online, you would need to have certain things like this in place:

- Content
- Good business model
- Ability to receive payments

When I say content, I mean something publicly available on the internet and it could be tangible items like what you are selling or referring or intangible items like virtual products, articles or downloads. People need to be able to get what they need from your online platform. You would need to be a give if you really want to be able to make money from the internet in Nigeria.

You may decide on a business model like selling recharge cards on the internet. The good thing is that it is not yet a competitive market as is being done offline. So its a good business model and you could be delivering pins to people after they've made payment for it. So you need to be able to think of what you can offer to people first to satisfy their needs before thinking of how to make money from it. In the internet world, givers are more blessed.

Being able to receive payments simply means that you should be able to setup your online business in such a way that the payment options available are suitable to you and it could be in the form of credit or debit card payments, payment processors, direct deposits or even mobile payments. Once you'v set this up, you would be able to really make money online and easily too.


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