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Posted by on Saturday August 27, 2011 11:25:34:

One of the fastest ways of getting traffic to your site or even making more money from your online store is by making use of online advertising. A lot of startup internet entrepreneurs who have good online business ideas may not know this but really making use of online advertising such as the one which Google offers. This advertising Google offers is called Adwords.

Google Adwords is the leading internet advertising program currently and this is probably because Google has one of the largest publishing networks on the web and so they have the capacity to offer reliable and efficient advertising services to their clients even at the least cost.

You must have seen some links and adverts when you mostly do a search on Google. Those links or small boxes as adverts running on the Google adwords platform. It is a Pay Per Click and Impresion ad platform that allows people who have websites to drive traffic to their sites for fee to Google. Each click on an ad can cost as little as $0.10 or $1 per CPM for the advertiser and it allows the client to even choose a plan based on his daily budget.

I have tried Google adwords before and it really helped me make affiliate sales and even sell my own products. It can also be used to get people signed up to your membership site or blog and you can only imagine how many email addresses you can get signed up just for a single month of campaigning with Google adwords. You might have even noticed that Nigerian politicians were not left off as they were able to make use of adwords during the last Nigerian general elections.

How to really get started with Google adwords in Nigeria
- Just Go to and apply if you haven't done so yet
- Add a valid credit card. You can get one from your Nigerian bank and you can just make a $10 payment for a start
- Create your campaign. This involves the advert and it can be in form of text, images or video
- Decide on your daily budget. You can even set it as low as $1 or $0.5 a day and $0.1 per click
- Run or Pause your campaign

Why Google adwords rocks
Now think of it, you may already have a website that has a lot of good content but you don't have the right or sufficient visitors yet. Using adwords to target the right visitors can really help solve that problem.
If you also have a content site that is still relatively new and you have a lot of competitors in that niche, you can use Google adwords campaign to even beat your competition within a short time. I have seen a website like that that invested into adwords and got their site to number 2 of Google just because they got more members using adwords. Assuming that your website currently receives 10 visitors a month, you can make that to 1000 visitors a month by just investing about $100 assuming adwords charges you $0.1 per click. Some keywords can be as low as $0.01 and you might even end up spending only about $10 just to get 1000 visitors.

One thing I have noticed with Google adwords and how to really use it to capture solid traffic to your site is that it is more about making your money to work for you. With Google adwords, you can make your website one of the most visited in your niche depending on how deep your pocket is. Nowadays, people see that it is even more efficient to use Google adwords to capture the email addresses of people interested in your niche.

What Google adwords doesn't allow
Like most advertising networks, they don't support alcohol, gambling or fraudulent sites. They don't also support driving traffic to adsense sites just to get more clicks(ie Adwords to adsense arbitrage).

What you really need to start advertising with Google adwords in Nigeria
- A credit card with at least $15 balance
- A google adwords account which you can get for free at
- An advertising campaign

Thanks Reply by Anon on Thursday March 1, 2012 at 16:30:39:

Thanks 4 such indepth. I've being into online biz 4 some yrs, but i'll admit i have always being skeptical to ads but am ready to try it now. Thanks again 4 d encouragement

Re: How to advertise on Google in Nigeria using Adwords Reply by Omage on Sunday September 2, 2012 at 14:39:42:

great write up

Re: How to advertise on Google in Nigeria using Adwords Reply by Gideon Osadolor on Saturday November 24, 2012 at 11:37:14:

I'll be helping a client I developed a website for, to start using it today.
I hope the result will be profitable, as i'm equally interested myself.
I'll try to keep everyone posted about the outcome.

Re: How to advertise on Google in Nigeria using Adwords Reply by swisstrees lagos on Thursday December 13, 2012 at 19:44:1:

thanks for sharing such valuable info. i will activate the ad to boost my synthetic flowers, trees and interiors biz. 07088784296

Re: How to advertise on Google in Nigeria using Adwords Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday May 17, 2013 at 9:19:20:

Happy to be of help. Google adwords is for everybody as there is little or no minimum investment. You can start with $10 or even $1000. Just decide on your budget and you are good to go.

Re: How to advertise on Google in Nigeria using Adwords Reply by Moses on Tuesday August 27, 2013 at 20:53:5:

Who is there to help me run an advert on google here contact me on +234809499455 or email:

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