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Posted by Felix okoli on Monday September 19, 2011 8:32:50:

If you are interested in making use of internet advertising to drive traffic to your business or website, one effective network to use is Google adwords. Google adwords has a large pool of advertisers and publishers on it's network such that you get the best rates and still have the best reach to your potential clients or customers.

The advertiser
Whether you are selling something online, running a publicity campaign or just wanting to get the right web traffic. making use of Google adwords would be an effective way to achieve results, in a shorter time frame too.

There are a lot of online advertising networks and a lot of advertising programs but Google adwords is practically the leader when it comes to online advertising and can give you the best reach or coverage.

Why Google Adwords rocks
Google adwords is owned by Google and it is involved in offering internet advertising services to people who want to see the right results. Adwords has a lot of flexilibity and benefits such as allowing the advertiser decide on a budget, choose a form of payment such as Pay Per Click(PPC) or Cost Per thousand Impressions(CPM), select sites to advertise on using their site targeting tool, choose a form of advertising such as mobile, web or feeds.
Advertising with Google adwords can be setup with as little as a $10 deposit and then a daily budget of about $0.10. You may even decide to pause your campaign and you won't be billed. There are practically no hidden charges and you choose when you want to spend more or less. With a valid credit card and your advert, you can start showing ads related to your website in minutes.

How to get started with Google adwords
- Just go to the Google adwords website
- Sign up for an account
- Make a $10 deposit via credit card
- Decide on your budget
- Set up your advert and it can be in form orf texts, pictures or multimedia
- Place your daily bid or cost and launch the campaign
- Your ads will start showing on the Google network which is practically the largest network on the web

* You can decide to also advertise on by using the site targeting tool to target this site. You can even exclude your ads from showing on other sites except your targeted sites and this can help minimize your costs and even give more effective results

Re: Internet Advertising using Google adwords Reply by Alden Jones on Sunday April 29, 2012 at 20:11:22:

I actually tried bidding before. My friend has an account and he let me use it for a day... I guess it's worth using, since you gain traffic for you site as well.

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