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When buying a land, you should do well to know what it involves and get a Certificate of Occupancy from the state government before doing any building on it.

- Land is cheaper in rural areas than in centers or urban areas

- Land keeps appreciating over time and as population grows

- Don't be in a hurry to buy land. Do a couple of visits and investigation before investing your money

- Try to find out if there are any environmental hazards like toxic wastes, chemicals or other since this can affect your health.

- Dealing with people you trust or buying with a group of fellow buyers you already know can be safer eg from religious group, work or family.

- All land belong to their state govt and can be purchased from the govt when you get issued with a C of O valid for 99 years.

- Investors can also buy land from people who already the C of O in what we know as land transfer

- Investors can buy from original land owners and later apply for a C of O from the state government to make it official if that hasn't been done yet

- Don't invest too much in your land if you have not yet acquired your C of O.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Occupancy?
You should visit your state government to know the procedures and things required in getting a C of O.
For Lagos, see:


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