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Posted by on Tuesday October 9, 2012 at 12:18:29:

Investing in food companies at a time when the world is expected to face growing food crises and inflation as a result of global warming and flooding is not a bad investment idea. There are several of such opportunities too in Nigeria and you can make money for the future by investing in companies in the food sector

What are Food companies?
These are companies who have most or some of their investments in the food business and it may be in production, processing, packaging and distribution. They are companies that are into the business or providing food or consumables to the public.

How to invest in Food companies
There are several ways to invest in food companies and these includes any of the following:

- Starting your own food company
- Buying shares of established food companies

In a time of growing global population and global warming, chances are that you would always make profit from your investment in the industry.

Some Food companies in the Nigerian Stock market
Dangote Sugar, May and Baker, Honeywell Flour, Nestle, 7UP, Tantalizer, Livestock feeds, Flour mill and Dangote Flour.


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