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Posted by on Wednesday August 3, 2011 15:19:17:

Based on my personal experience with Bidvertiser, its conversion bonus makes all the difference when it comes to comparing it with other advertising networks.

In my other aricle on how much bidvertiser pays per click, I mentioned conversion bonus as on of the ways you can earn money from Bidvertiser.

Conversion bonus is like a commission you get for traffic leading to sales on the advertiser's part. It seems that Bidvertiser allows certain advertisers to pay based on sales each traffic converts. Traffic is good but if the traffic is converted to a sale, then you earn a commission - That's what Bidvertiser's conversion bonus is all about.

There are many benefits of using Bidvertiser as a publisher such as:
- Allowing you to earn income based on referrals
- Earning income based on sales/conversions
= Earning income based on clicks
- Allowing advertisers to target your site specifically.

One way in which I think helps to get advertisers on the bidvertiser network to target my site is by providing advertising information on a page on my site. You can see it here. So this allows more advertisers to start advertising on that site from day one and I get paid for clicks. I also get paid for advertisers I refer to Bidvertiser using that single page.

However, I don't really earn as much from clicks as I do from conversions. A single conversion is like a percentage of an actual amount. Conversions don't happen all the time, but a single one has earned me up to $3. Let me just give you an idea of how much I have earned from Bidvertiser so far.

For the Month of April, I earned:
Clicks = $x
Conversions = $10x
Referrals = $0

Although I don' fully use Bidvertiser on all the pages of my site just yet, I still find that Bidvertiser is a promising source of revenue to publishers. You should try it too on your site just to see how much it would bring you.


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