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Posted by on Monday August 29, 2011 14:43:20:

In 2011, Bidvertiser really sure rocks for publishers and affiliates on its network. If you have a website, you can increase the amount of money you make from the internet by using Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser is an online advertising network that accepts advertisers as well as publishers. The publishing program is where a lot of web site owners really make the money.

As a Bidvertiser publisher, there are 3 ways I have seen you can really make money from it:
- Pay Per Click
- Conversion Bonus
- Referrals

Pay per click
This is the common one we all know as the more traffic your site gets, the more opportunity for you to make money from clicks so it really all boils down to how many visitors you are getting on your site. A click from Bidvertiser pays almost the same as adsense and in some cases even more I have gotten clicks as high as $2 and you can also get low clicks worth $0.10 which is not bad for someone making money from online publishing.

Conversion Bonus
With Bidvertiser, you can make money from conversions. Conversion simply means sales that are made based on the traffic your site gives to Bidvertiser. I guess they have a way of calculating sales on the advertiser's part who may have agreed to only pay when such happens. Personally, if it were only conversion bonuses were the only thing Bidvertiser was paying, it would not be too bad and for me, it even pays better than their PPC program. I have gotten about $x from clicks but as much as $3x from Conversion Bonuses

If you are a publisher, you are automatically an affiliate for Bidvertiser so for any client that signs up through your site, you earn a commission. They run a referral prorgam that . You can refer both advertisers and publishers and for every referral, like an affiliate program, you should get credited for it.
Here is how Bidvertiser referral program works. If an advertiser you refer first spends $10, you earn $5 and is he spends $50, you will get an additional $20. Also, if a publisher you refer earns $10, you earn $50 and when he earns $50, you earn an additional $40.

How to increase your Bidvertiser earnings
- Drive more advertisers to our site. One thing I did was create an additional advertising page where I listed my bidvertiser link for site targeting.
- Pop ups earn more money but I rarely use them so as not to annoy visitors
- Slider ads also make you more money and it is set to be introduced by Bidvertiser in September
- Increase your page content as a publisher

Personal note
I don't still get their referral program. It seems that they are only going to pay you commissions for only 2 payments or income which your referrals make. How about recurring payments or income. It would have been nice if they offered referral commissions for life a long as your referrals keep on investing in their company.


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