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Posted by on Friday September 16, 2011 20:51:42:

If you are a publisher with Google Adsense, then you should know that the income it brings can be quite rewarding.
The primary way I know one can increase his earning s from Google Adsense is by simply increasing the amount of incoming traffic and search engine traffic pays much better than returning visits. So in essence, to increase your adsense income, you just need to increase the amount of people coming to your site.

Now I want to give out Ten tips of how to do this:

1. Increase the number and quality of your content
2. Increase your website's loading speed
3. Make us of feeds and sitemaps and submit to Google
4. Link to social network sites like Twitter and Facebook
5. Focus on more popular keywords
6. Make use of Google webmaster tools
7. Build niche sites or a network of sites
8. Use multiple publishing media such as videos, text, audio and pictures on your site
9. Use an email subscription service to capture a membership base e.g Feedburner
10. Use other ad formats such as feeds, search, domains and content ads

So think of it, if you are currently making about $10 a month from Google adsense and want to increase it to $100 then you would need for instance to increase your site content by a factor of 10. So if you have 20 published posts on your blog making your $10, then it means having about 200 posts would probably increase your Google adsense income to $100.


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