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Posted by on Thursday September 22, 2011 9:6:58:

Can you make money from just selling pictures? Well, yes you can and there are a whole lot of people already doing it. Besides, how do photographers or paparazzi's make their money? They are all literally selling pictures. In this case we are focused on selling digital pictures just as sites like are already doing.

Now that is a good business idea that you can do online and the rules to this kind of internet business are:
- The pictures should be original and not a stolen work
- People will be give a preview that is protected with watermarks
- Buyers will be able to download it immediately

I've been to sites like and several others and the bottom line is that you need to have a tonne of uploaded pictures, good website and gallery to display the pictures, a payment platform and user accounts for downloads.

How much can you sell your pictures?
It all depends on how unique it is and how much people will most likely be willing to pay for them but most digital pictures are cheap but it all adds up in the long run. A picture can be sold for as low as $0.10 but the thing is that the more buyers you get, the more sales you would make especially if it is on autopilot.

Payment systems you can use to sell digital pictures and allow instant downloads
Paypal, Alertpay, 2checkout, Google checkout, Plimus and Liberty reserve can all be linked to a server script that receives Instant payment notifications and immediately allow buyers to download it even without you the seller being there. You can process sales and delivery on autopilot with an IPN handler setup in your database. You may even sell pictures with third party selling accounts like Plimus.

Here is a graphical description of how it will work
Buyer--> Alertpay --> IPN --> Server --> Download

How to get pictures
You simply have to create it yourself or get a team of photographers to take it for you. Experienced photographers know how to take good shots and you will need a good digital camera if you want good quality pictures. Once you take them, you have to upload them to your website gallery

Tips: The more pictures you have on your website, the more you are likely to make money selling them. Even news websites and the general public can patronize you once they know you have nice pictures for sale so try adding a few marketing tips like pricing, uniqueness and platform to attract potential buyers.
Try to focus on taking and selling pictures that are more likely to be wanted by people.

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