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Posted by on Wednesday July 13, 2011 19:8:13:

Ad Dynamo is a new advertising network from Africa and is growing globally. It works just like Google adsense and is probably a better alternative for bloggers and website owners. It is a company involved in online advertising and allows website publishers to also have a share of that revenue by participating in their publishing programme.

Ad Dynamo is the in-thing
A lot of bloggers and web content owners are already including ad dynamo ads on their sites although they many not exaclty be switching away completely from adsense but it seems that with the marketing campaign being launched by the network, even a couple of local advertisers are including ad dynamo in their portfolio for online advertisement.
Ad Dynamo is though new but is spreading to most countries around the world and operates based on Pay per Click(PPC). This means that advertisers only get to pay for actual clicks and publishers only earn when such ads are clicked on their websites. Like very other online advertising and publishing programme, publishers are not expected to engage in fraudulent clicks which is bad for the advertisers and for Ad Dynamo.

What benefits Ad Dynamo has over other networks like Adsense?
- Ad Dynamo pays you the next business day following the month you reach your payment threshold unlike adsense which waits for another month
- Ad dynamo pays you even if you earn much lower for a month than compared to adsense which has a limit of $100. For Ad dynamo, the minimum limit is $20
- Ad dynamo is growing fast and has a growing list of local advertisers

How much does Ad dynamo pay per click and is it really worth it?
Like most other advertisers and based on my own experience, Ad dynamo can pay you as low as $0.05 per click or more but it takes sometime to earn that much. I tried running a 200by200 ad on one of my most trafficked pages for 24 hrs and it only earned me $0.05. On the second day, I ran a 120by600 ad for 24 hrs and it didn't earn me anything so I went back to the 200by200 and it earned me another $0.06. It's small but it can go a long way if you put such ads on about 1000 pages with similar traffic.

How does Ad dynamo pay its publishers?
Payments of your earnings are normally done at the first business day of the month after the earning month and you can choose a form of payment from either Paypal or Ad Dynamo debit card. Now the problem I have with the Ad dynamo card is that you have to earn $130 to get it shipped to you at a cost of $30 leaving a balance of $100 to you. Given that they are relatively new, it may take a lot of time for small time publishers to earn that much. It works a bit like the Payoneer card from Infolinks which also requires you to earn at least $50. As for Paypal, it doesn't work in Nigeria. Perhaps they should have also included Alertpay or just sync it up with a Payoneer card since a lot of people already have this. The Ad dynamo card also carries a transaction charge which can be as high as $2 per transaction. One other thing I'm not sure of is if the card carries a monthly or yearly charge. The good thing however is that you can receive your earnings directly into the card and make withdrawals from any Visa supported ATM machine. The card is branded with the Ad Dynamo logo.

What Ad dynamo really needs to do
There are a couple of things I feel the network should do to get more content publishers to partner with them. Some of these includes:

- Running an affiliate programme to get more advertisers and motivate publishers
- Including CPM revenue rather than just PPC
- Offering other payment methods such as Alertpay or cheque. Not everyone has a Paypal account or wants another debit card

I think on the average, it is a pretty good programme for publishers and your earnings can improve over time as the pool of advertisers swell up

Re: Ad Dynamo review Posted by Felix Okoli on Tuesday November 22, 2011 at 9:48:58:

Ad dynamo now offers to pay Nigerian publishers in naira rather than the usual paypal or debit card. What this means is that you should include your savings or current account details and your earnings would be sent to your account once payment begins.

Another things Ad dynamo doesn't seem to do yet is offering daily reports for publishers. They just show up your total earnings but say nothing about daily reports. So they really need to do some work in providing publishers more detailed reports

Re: Ad Dynamo review Posted by Eseh Nickson Chux on Thursday November 24, 2011 at 7:9:9:

It's a nice idea!
What kind of materials do you guys publish? Does it include Educational books?
How does one put publications on the internet?

Re: Ad Dynamo review Reply by Kenaff on Wednesday July 25, 2012 at 13:12:56:

I really love the local Naira Currency method. Its really a nice one if it continues to works perfectly like that.

Great work.

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