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Posted by on Thursday July 14, 2011 20:45:58:

If you are still thinking programmes like Google Adsense is probably the only way to make money from web publishing, it's probably time you start to widen your nets. There are other many money making platforms and big time advertisers that are willing to pay you for promoting. There is another one called Bidvertiser. I last wrote about Ad Dynamo but there is another ad network called Bidverriser that has recently increased opportunities for publishers. They pay you based on PPC and Conversions.

I have been running Bidvertiser adverts for some weeks and I'm begining to see some results.
Bidvertiser makes it easy for advertisers to place ads on your site and they are much cheaper for them than like Google adsense. The good thing is that your earning from Bidvertiser grows as you get more popular and remain with them. Over a good period of time, you may even be making more than you do with Google adsense. Besides, you need to look for alternative ad networks besides adsense since you are an independent publisher.

Between Adsense and Bidvertiser
Comparing Bidvertiser and Google adsense: Chances are that you stand a better opportunity to earn more with adsense than with Bidvertiser because of the high number of local advertisers on their network but Bidvertiser pays almost the same per click - around $0.05 to $0.10 but you may not get many clicks.

Conversions pay well
Bidvertiser also pays you for each click that converts into a sale for the advertiser. It seems some advertisers pay for conversions and Bidvertiser has a way of tracking conversions/sales so when it does happens, you stand a chance to earn more. I have earned up to $3 for some conversions but clicks are low.

Referrals are rewarding
Bidvertiser is also better than Adsense when it comes to rewarding hardworking publishers who refer advertisers or fellow publishers. Once you sign up for a Bidvertiser publisher account, you are automatically an affiliate and any client or partner you bring in, you stand to earn $10 for the first $10 a publisher you refer earns and as much as $40 when that referred publisher earns $50. With the referral programme, you can also make as much as $5 for the first $10 a referred advertiser spends and $20 when that advertiser spends $50.

Site targeting with Bidvertiser is enhanced
With Google adsense, you hardly get any credit for advertisers your site refers so Bidvertiser really rewards a hardworking site and if you have got a large network of sites or even a small site, you can give Bidvertiser a try.
You can even use it as a means of targeting local advertisers to your site by directly telling them to go to your advert page where they can target your site.

Tips for earning higher income with Bidvertiser
- Allow pop unders
- Don't select advertisers. Allow automatic bidding
- Use the wider(728by90) and larger rectangle ads
- Publish a lot of content
- Include a page for your advertisers and tell them how to use Bidvertiser

Re: Bidvertiser Review Reply by Jerry on Thursday April 12, 2012 at 10:48:24:

How do bidviser pay users in nigeria

Re: Bidvertiser Review Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday April 12, 2012 at 10:48:24:

They can pay you bu cheque which you can clear in a domicilliary account. They may also pay you by western union although on special arrangement as they once paid me

Re: Bidvertiser Review Reply by Elisha on Thursday October 23, 2014 at 21:32:30:

I want to know How bidvertiser can pay users in nigeria?

Re: Bidvertiser Review Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday October 23, 2014 at 21:32:30:

Not many use it in Nigeria. The popular platform is Google adsense but the few that use it can earn a reasonable amount of money if they have good traffic.

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