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You can easily make money online in Nigeria by just creating and selling ebooks. A lot internet marketers in Nigeria are making a lot of money from this by selling informational books to hundreds of people at a very low cost.
Selling ebooks is a relatively easy business to do in Nigeria and get a lot of money from it.

What an ebook is
An ebook comes from the words electronic book and it is not actually a physical book. An e-book carries helpful information about an issue and it is meant to help the end users solve their problems. Most e-books are in pdf format but it could be in any other digital form so that users can view them with their comptuer or other electronic device. An e-book is not designed to be felt like a tangible item as it only exists in digital or electronic form and that's what makes selling hundreds and thousands of them a lucrative business.

How to make money selling ebooks in Nigeria
- Write your ebook
- Convert your book to pdf
- Market and Sell your e-book

Write your ebook
What you need to do is first and foremost write your book or short report on a topic of interest. Your topic should be something of interest to users and something that has a high traffic on the search engines. Examples of topics that are likely to sell more are:
- How to lose weight in ten days
- How to get rid of belly fat
- Ten tips for getting your dream job
- How to ask a girl out
- Forex trading tips
- How to increase your Google adsense account
- How to open a verified Paypal account with ease

There are numerous topics you can decide on when thinking about your first or next e-book and the title of that book really matters. It is what makes it marketable and interesting to your audience.
After you have decided on a topic, you then need to gather resources together and if possible, even do a research about it before setting out to write it. You should then start writing the book using an outline of mini-topics that are related to the main theme. You can use MS word to first write your book and take your time on it. It should not be rushed so as to focus on its quality. You should also decide on how many pages your book would be. Something like 40 to 200 pages would be a good idea. You may also make it to be brief if you want like a short report or guide comprising of maybe 5 to 10 pages but it should be well stacked with direct useful information that buyers would be glad to have paid for.

Convert your book to pdf:
After you might have finished writing your book, you may then convert it to pdf or other acceptable digital format that would allow you to easy send it to people. The good thing about pdf is that it can hardly be edited once you have created it unlike MS word documents. It also retains your original work and you can distribute it in that came form to thousands of buyers. A good software you can use to convert .doc to .pdf is Adbode 8 Professional. You may also use any of the availabe pdf converters like Click2Convert o but none really does it like Adobe Professional. Make sure that you've finished writing your book, created the graphics for the page and back cover and then saved it before doing the conversion. Make sure you have proof-read it for errors. After conversion, you may then upload it to your email by sending it to yourself, saving in a draft or uploading to your website. Now it's ready to be delivered.

Market and Sell your e-book
So you might have finished creating your first or next e-book and what remains is selling it. It may have taken you months or weeks or even days to write it but when its done, you are glad that you did it. What remains is selling it and the faster you sell it, the lower your potential competitors would be and non one would have had the chance to steal you idea and sell their own version. Selling your e-book fast can be helpful and so you have to start marketing it for making sales. A great way of marketing your ebook for better sales is by making use of advertising whether with Google adwords or newspapers. You can also market them using various Nigerian forums, classified ads or article directories.
How do you sell it? If your target audience are Nigerians, chances are that most of them don't use credit cards yet and may prefer making a bank payment or even use mobile airtime transfer to pay you so you can tap into that by also publishing your website if you have one and inform them of how to pay into your account. You may also write an article about your new ebook and submit them to artificial websites for free, indicating your contacts and the means of making payment.

Delivering it manually: Once they pay into you account and send you a notification, you can then confirm it if you have internet banking facility or by sms alert and then forward the e-book to them via email attachment.

Delivering it automatically: You may also sell your e-books automatically to users by creating an online payment solution that confirms payment and then allows for downloads of digital items. Platforms that this works on are Paypal, Alertpay, Fastecash and others. It normally involves using an IPN handler or auto-return link, confirming it and then immediately allowing people to download it. A lot of Internet marketers in developed nations use this method and have made millions from it. It mostly requires that your buyers have a credit card or funds in the payment platform.

So, selling e-books is a great way to make money easily online and you don't have to keep printing books as you only have to create a single digital copy and send it to buyers multiple times. Now is there any low cost internet business as easy as this. You only need to have sufficient and helpful information which you can provide to your users to be in the business for the long term. If you fail to deliver or if they feel unsatisfied, they are less likely to buy another e-book from you so quality really matters a lot when it comes to selling e-books in Nigeria


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