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Posted by on Tuesday August 2, 2011 10:54:22:

The internet has a lot of money making opportunities but one of the easiest ones i know you can do is content publishing. This simply involves you making relevant content available to the public on the internet and this now allows you to make money from advertisers or advertising networks. One os such promising networks is Ad Dynamo.
Ad Dynamo is though a new ad network but it seems to be growing fast as they get more advertisers on board. If you have good web content, you can make money with Ad Dynamo as a publisher by signing up for their publishers program and earn money on a Pay per click (PPC) basis.
What PPC means is that when people visit your site as a result of some information they may be looking for and click on ad dynamo's ads, you earn a commission.
Like all PPC networks, you are not mean to create false clicks and your website would have to adhere to their terms of service. They are not at

Ad Dynamo is touted as the fastest paying advertising network and this would probably be as a result of the fact that they pay your your earnings on the first business day after your earning month. So this means if for example, you earn $100 in February, you will get paid on the first business day in March and this can be done by means of a debit card they give to you that would immediately get credited. Once your funds have been transferred to your Ad dynamo debit card, you can withdraw it from any acceptable ATM in your local currency.
One good thing is that Ad Dynamo shares 50% revenue with publishers so this means that if an advertiser pays $100, Ad Dynamo would give you $50.

What you need to do to start making money with ad dynamo is:
- Have a website or blog or article site that has a lot of article driving content.
- Sign up as a Publisher
- Earn money by increasing your web traffic
- Get your Ad Dynamo debit card to be ready for withdrawals

Re: How to Make Money with Ad Dynamo Reply by segun on Tuesday February 21, 2012 at 13:3:19:

how do i have a website with which i can earn with you?

Re: How to Make Money with Ad Dynamo Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday July 27, 2012 at 12:7:30:

You can set up a blog when you buy hosting from web hosts like bluehost or netfirms. You may even use free blogs from or

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