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Posted by on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 9:0:1:

I recently signed up as a seller at Konga's marketplace or online mall. It's basically a platform where people can sell their products online just by listing them for free on Konga's website.

It works like a store except that it's not a physical store people can go to but an internet or virtual one. When people go to Konga's shopping website to buy stuff and they search for products to buy, they will be able to see items you've also listed and can purchase it from you through Konga as the middle man.

The first product I listed on Konga's marketplace was sold out within a week and I guess it's basically because of the low price I put on it. I think pricing can affect how much sales you can make on the website.

I'm not really a seller by profession but at times I have access to products imported from abroad and so normally look for a way to sell my stuff. Even if you are a marketer or have no product of your own, you can still list stuff on Konga at your own price and when people request for it, you can then get it for them and ship it using Konga.

If you are one of those who has been looking for a way to sell things online without having to build or maintain a website of your own, well one easy way to do so is by just selling it on Konga. It eliminate the need for managing your own selling website as all you need to do is upload your products and get paid into your own bank account.

How it works
- You register for a merchant account at
- You create your own store at
- You upload pictures of your products including their description and prices
- You submit your product for review
- Your product gets listed when approved and is available for buyers
- You get an email when a buyer orders for your product
- Your log into your seller account and accept the order
- You package the order, print the invoice and submit the whole package at a Konga drop off point close to you
- Konga lists the order as shipped and you get notified
- Order is delivered to the buyer who pays to Konga
- Konga keeps your money for a while before crediting it to your wallet.
- You can withdraw from your Konga seller wallet to your bank account

It is that easy. That is my experience with selling on Konga and I didn't have to pay any rent for a shop.

What this means is that even as an importer of products, you can simply use the Konga marketplace as a good option for selling directly to consumers from your warehouse.

You don't have to see the buyer physically or do any deliveries yourself but Konga offers you the service of listing your products as well as doing the delivery themselves. With this, you will even be able to sell to anybody in any part of Nigeria without traveling there yourself.

I think Konga's marketplace is a smart way to sell stuff online and this helps you make money.

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Re: My Konga Marketplace Selling Experience Reply by Dominic, Charles on Saturday December 6, 2014 at 15:47:11:

how about Kaymu shoping web? are they not also reliable? bcose, like JUMIA the website is having problems loading

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