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If you can capture videos, even with your mobile phone about an exciting activity and upload them to the internet, you can really make money online in Nigeria.

There is a lot the world doesn't know about Nigeria yet. There is also a lot of interesting things that go on in our daily live which traditional Nollywood movies are not sufficient to capture. Making movies or home made movies has always been good business, no matter how lo the budget is and you can see the success with Nigeria's movie industry. People in Nigeria and even foreigners want to get a feel of what Nigeria is about. Videos are a good way to capture how people live, their culture and lifestyle. Videos relate more information to people than words, or pictures can do and with the internet, people can now watch videos almost as soon as they request for it.

Youtube is taking over internet entertainment
There is a website that is catching the world by fire and this site called Youtube and is an entertainment site. Youtube is all about public videos which are uploaded by milions of users around the world. They are mostly home or personally made videos by users who hold accounts with Youtube. It doesn't really matter if you video was made with a mobile phone or digital camera, as long as you can capture videos, you are allowed to upload and share it with the world on Youtube. It could be videos about your trip to the village, a naming ceremony, things you do everyda or even just a speech you make showing just your face, as long as it is entertaining, can captivate user interest, it is good for Youtube.

How does the money really come in?
Well it works like this:
- You upload videos on Youtube
- Your videos get a lot of traffic and user interest
- Youtube invited you to become their partner
- You then will be making money from advertisers.

Have you watched a couple of Youtube videos that you see some ads being displayed by the side or below the movie? Those are adverts being paid for by Google's advertisers and you as the creator of the movie would be making money in the program called Google adsense as a Youtube partner. Earnings are based on clicks and impressions which those videos bring you. SO you can create a single movie that could keep bringing in a continuous stream of income for over many years. It is a long term asset sort of.

Nollywood movies are bringing in more money for producers
It is true that Nollywood is a success with viewership spanning across Africa and beyond to nations like the USA, UK and China. Now with Youtube, these producers now make extra income from their videos since they own copyrights to them. There is even a Youtube partner in Nigeria who is millions of naira by getting publishing rights from producers of such local Nigerian movies.

Nigerian Youtube videos that get the most traffic and income
Based on my observation, it seems certain types of youtube videos get the most traffic and these includes: Nollywood movies, music videos, stand up comedy and religious videos. Nigeria still has a lot of untapped niches in internet video publishing. There is still a lot of money to be made from Youtube as even major Nigerian companies from telecommunication to manufacturing are involved as Youtube sponsors vid online advertising.

Youtube can still make you money even as a low budget video producer
You may not have the money or resources to make stunning or big time movies but Youtube is not really designed for the big movie producers cos as the name connotes - You Tube, it is meant for you and for videos you can produce, even at home from your computer or simple video camera. It may just be a video of you talking about your opinion on issues affecting your society. It may even be a cartoon or movie about your real life experience. It could be a video about how you drink garri, take an Okada ride or rush to enter a danfo bus. Just create a video that tells people about what is happening in Nigeria or what you want Nigeria to be like. You can even make a stand up comedy video about jokes and as long as it is entertaining, you could get a lot of traffic to your page.
Also, learning how to create and upload videos on Youtube can even help train you become a movie producer in Nollywood as you try out things on your own. Some people in America and UK are making up to $10,000 a month from just creating videos on Youtube with their mobile phone and there is no reason why you can't even make over $1000 a month showing the world about Nigerian life. Even if your visitors are just geographically located in Nigeria, you can still make a lot of money with it since Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa at over 20 million people.

What to do to get started
- First you need a Youtube account: Go to and sign up for an account. You will be given your own channel
- You need to make a lot of videos. They should be about 15 mins long and with good picture
- Create a lot of exciting videos. 100 videos won't be bad.
- Upload them to your account and publish
- The more traffic you get, the more likely you get to be a partner. About 1 million videos can get you there.

Examples of Youtube channels that are making money as partners



Philip DeFranco:

Shane Dawson:

The Annoying Orange:

Challenges involved with the Youtube partnership program
- It can be hard creating videos periodically and uploading them. It could require full attention
- You need a lot of videos, lots of views and subscribers before becoming a partner.
- Planning the video scene and niche to focus on

You can get more details about the Youtube Partner program here:

Re: Make money with Youtube in Nigeria Reply by Godpower on Thursday July 19, 2012 at 13:34:49:

this is a good one but 1million videos is not a day or a year job ooooooh though its achivevable.
thanks anyway.....

Re: Make money with Youtube in Nigeria Reply by olaide ishola on Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 21:38:27:

thanks, but must one get up to 100 video?

Re: Make money with Youtube in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 21:38:27:

No it doesn't have to be up to 100. Even 1 single video that gets very popular could do the work.

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